Australia, like most countries that maintain a submarine force, has an Association to which submariners may join help them to keep contact with old shipmates, enjoy the occasional social event and to commemorate our departed comrades. Ours is known as the Submarine Association Australia, with branches in all states. Membership is open to all submariners, regardless of the navy in which they served.

Being a qualified submariner, or if you have been closely associated with submarines, provides you entry into a very unique club, so, why not be part of it.

There are four categories of membership:

Ordinary Membership
Ordinary membership shall be open to any person who can substantiate service in Submarines as a qualified Submariner of any Nation.
An Ordinary Member shall be financial members of the SAA and shall be entitled to hold any office and enjoy the privileges of the SAA.
Life Membership
The Award of Life Membership is the highest honour, which can bestowed upon an Ordinary Member of the SAA.
The National Executive or a Branch may recommend an Ordinary Member who has given long, continued and outstanding service to the Association, to be awarded a Life Member.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership shall be open to any person, other than Ordinary Members, who can substantiate;

  • Service to submarines in depot ships, dockyards, bases or Private Industry.
  • As a Partner of an Ordinary Member (living or deceased).
  • Service in a manner that the Committee may deem appropriate.
  • Associate member shall not hold the office of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.
  • Associate members shall not be eligible to vote.

Social Membership
Persons other than Life, Ordinary and Associate Members, who have an interest in promoting the wellbeing of the SAA and its members, may become a Social Member at the discretion of the National Committee;

  • Social Members shall not be eligible to hold office.
  • Social Members shall not be eligible to vote.



The joining fee and annual subscription shall be such as the Association in General Meeting may from time to time prescribe, but until the Association determines otherwise shall be:



5 Year Option


 25 Year Option


Joining Fee


Joining Fee


Joining Fee


One Year subscription


5 year subscription


25 year subscription








Application Form

You must be a financial member of the National Association to be eligible for State membership. If applying to join the Association please complete the National Application Form , fill it in and mail it to the address indicated on the form enclosing a cheque or money order for the appropriate amount.

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If you have any questions about membership please contact the National Secretary or your State's Branch Secretary.



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